Kerala, located in Southern tip of India with Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west in a narrow strip of land. Kerala was formed on the 01Nov 1956 merging the Malayalam speaking regions, bordered with Karnataka in the North, Tamil Nadu in the South and Arabian Sea in the West.

The state has a long coastline of 590kms and the region constitutes high mountains, rolling hills, valleys, rivers, lakes and have a tropical climate with two rainy seasons.

The land with lush green paddy fields, stretch of backwaters and beaches with different culture and religions, unique cuisine, rich and vibrant colourful art and dances, home to many comparable wild life with natural richness better known as GOD‘S OWN COUNTRY

Kerala as a destination is a spring board to a wide range of attractions which will reconnect you to yourself, people and nature.

Kerala is located between latitudes 8 degree 18‘north and 12 degree 48‘north and longitudes 74 degree east 52‘and 72 degree 22‘east, this is a land of eternal beauty having 1.18 per cent of the country. It is on the tropical Malabar Coast of south-western India. Tamil Nadu state is in east and Karnataka state is in north of Kerala. Due to its terrain and its physical features, it is dividing in east west cross-section into three district regions - hill & valleys midland plains and coastal region. Forests cover 27 per cent of the whole of Kerala.

Capital-Thiruvananthapuram, Language-Malayalam,Literacy Rate-93.91%, State Animal-Indian Elephant, State Bird-Great Hornbill, State Flower-Golden Shower Tree, State Tree-Coconut,
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