Snacks Of Kerala

Banana Chips

Chips made from banana fried in coconut oil.

Achappam (Rose Cookies)

a sweet crunchy snack made of rice flour, coconut milk, egg, sugar, seasame seeds and fried in coconut oil.


a crunchy coiled shaped snack.


It is a very common south Indian savor. Two kinds of vadas - Uzhunnu vada and Parippu vada are delectable.

Ada or Elayilappam

It is made from soaked Jaggery and coconut pressed in between rice dough, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in steam.


salty crunchy snack of rice flour


Kozhukattai, also known as ‘Modak’, is one of the most popular recipes of Kerala. It is generally prepared on ‘Ganesh-chaturdashi’ as it is considered to be the favorite dish of Lord Ganesha. This is made of rice batter stuffed with coconut and jaggery.


A cylindrical crispy snack made of rice flour rolled into thin layers and deep fried in oil.

Ethekka appam

made of Nenthram pazham (the riper and blacker the skin, the better) dipped in Maida/flour and deep fried in oil.


A steamed rice and coconut pudding.

Avalos Unda

A toasted rice and coconut powder ball.

Drinks of Kerala

Tea and coffee are the main drink. The poor drink kattan-kapi or black coffee, but some influenced by Tamil Brahmins drink filter coffee. The Malayali way of brewing coffee is to boil water, sugar and coffee and then when it has been ruined enough, ruin it even further by addling lots of milk.

Ilaneer/ tender coconut

It is simply the safest natural soft drink of the world. This juice of soft coconuts is nutritious and a perfect drink to quench your thirst.

Sambharam/ Mor

This refreshing drink is made from curd. It is called Morru or Sambharam .Lime leaves and crushed ginger are added along with salt.


Sharbat is an extremely sweet drink made from herbal extracts.

A good chew

A good Kerala meal is never complete without the murukkan or the chew. The betel leaf that resembles the pepper leaf is spread out and the central thick stem is removed. Then a dab of white lime paste (chunambu), a few slivers of arecanut added and the leaf folded into a little triangle that is popped into the mouth. Chewed, but never swallowed, the murukkan is a digestive that stimulates the gastric juices. Seasoned chewers follow it up with a wad of chewing tobacco.

Thattukada (Omelets and thattu dosa), Chai kad

Every Malayali has tried this local fast food version at least once. These are road side eatery / fast food outlet / hawker food.

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