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Holiday Packages

The basic human need to relax has found expression in a wide range of options which have put together by the Alhind Holidays team. Everyone would like to take some time away from the grind of daily routine and we at Alhind Holidays will cater to and prepare holidays plans exclusively for you. We do have standard group departures to destinations both in India and abroad, but we also cater to holiday plans based on your budget and privacy. Take some time off to explore our range of ‘HOLIDAY’ options, and be a winner through our special offers.


To broaden our base of holiday options, Alhind Holidays, has also made the necessary tie-ups with international cruise liners to offer international cruise holidays to anyone who would love to splurge on the high seas. Cruises are long drawn relaxed holidays which cover a longer period of holidaying and relaxing. Although most people wrongly presume that cruises are meant only for the more affluent sections of society, we at Alhind can assure you that there are quite a few cruise options which offer you value for your money.

Medical Tours

The present generation is overpaid to out perform each other in the current competitive scenario, which leads them to splurge on themselves sometimes in unhealthy escapades. However there also exists a need for therapeutic solace especially when they realize that they have overstepped their limits. This sought after therapeutic effect is a consequence of medical treatment of any kind, the results of which are judged to be desirable and beneficial. This is true whether the result was expected, unexpected, or even an unintended consequence of the treatment. The Alhind Holidays team is equipped to advice and introduce you to the best institutions of medical treatment while adding a flavor of rest and relaxation options to complement the treatment, not only for yourselves but also for accompanying relatives or friends.


MICE when elaborated will read as Meetings, Incentives Conferences and Exhibitions. The current trend among most corporates is to opt for a change of scene especially for their annual performance meetings and bonding exercises. It is a corporate status symbol to announce an annual managers meet in exotic locations like Bangkok, Malaysia or Tashkent to name a few.